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OK is anyone interested I was checking out items that popped up from a search I was doing and noticed that this car is down the street from me. I went down to look at it and it is in good condition. Dealer is has a buy it now $3300.00 I made an offer a little higher then the reserve price he told me if it did not bet my price it was mine. I really don't need another 97 but if someone else wants it I'm close to dealer to get you any info or special pics so let me know.

J. can you move this post to Rubber Necker I put in the wrong topic.
Thanks :ralph:

J dot Miller:


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Did you give it a look or did you just move it . What do you think it is all stock.

J dot Miller:
It looks like a real first gen 30th Anniv.  It has the all leather power seats, some of the extras and the correct rims.  The exterior looks stock except it must have had an accident because the rear spoiler is missing?  I would check the vin at carfax before I purchased it...  8)


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