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Oh no!!!! The President is mad at youse???

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J dot Miller:
I saw this...

--- Quote from: Bob Kinee President of the TST ---What a shame.  Dissapointing to see...but it has been done, and will be remembered.
--- End quote ---

Gee Bob we are not competing with you.  If we were this would have been a Cougar club (forget those crappy Thunderbirds and Marks).  But this is not???  We are a venue of higher car club stature that is friendly to various makes and models!!

You should come over here and visit...  Our BBS is better and has a built in spell checker so you can spell "Disappointing" correctly...  :chk:

About this club:

--- Quote from: rjstat on December 02, 2006, 08:26:30 AM ---No president, no moderators, member? we are just a mob with no social guidance. It's chaos and anarchy I say.  :law:

--- End quote ---

We have no president...  So if you wants you can always run for President???   ^-^

Well he didn't say he was mad he is disappointed and he should not take to hart. This just a different venue and more lax forum. :flam:

J dot Miller:

--- Quote from: Bob Kinee ---And to riddle pot-shots at this very club.  We are not stupid.  There are many many personal digs about this site and our members, including several personal about myself.  I ma refraining from joining that joke of a page and from discussing it further.  If kiddy games want to be played, let them be played but i will not be part of them and will not discuss them further, because I am an adult and won't join in this bs to add fuel to whatever fire is going on.
--- End quote ---

You say he ain't mad... :-\

Come on Bob...  Where is the love!!!  :3sum:

OMG! Bob, mad? that must be a heck of an infringement committed for existing out of his purview !! How DARE you, us / we? LOL. Well its a no brainer, that people tend to resist being forced to conform, and being exposed to a one sided (dimensionless) punk for a mod, who displayed extreme favoritism, kind'a justifies J. and whoever else comes here, to participate in a more open forum. Actually , Bob , youre not a bad fellow, but just dont seem to have the stones to reign in some of the idiocy 'over there'.I'm sure, that if Bob comes here every one will welcome him graciously, and he wont be 'dissapointed'. T-12, well, without his power would be disappointed to a great degree, panty kinker, well I juuuust doubt that he would find any fellowship, camaraderie , or hale and well met bonhommie here at all, go figure. I 'yam' happy here, and suspect the tech will get well beyond what remains over there. need I say more?

J dot Miller:
Hey...  I do not want to get into a silly competition...   ???

I like them and want to keep them as my Friends.  I had many fun times with them and I am sure that some of them feel the same.  I do not consider this BBS as a good bye.  I consider it just another place to hang...  O0

It is just that after years of starting clubs, helping clubs and hanging with clubs and lots of pressure from :curley: and :larry: I gave in to the pressure.  :D

Now I am stuck doing all the web page work and the like.  But it is worth it because it is fun.  Only problem is that I want to do this one mod and people are on-line.  I hate to boot them just to edit the site.  Not that I know what I am doing...   :o  I dunno, one of these days I will figgure it out...  :o

PS:  Yes..  We will get immature one of these days...  Just you wait!!!  >:D


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