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Ok.... about 6 months ago my lil blower bird  went from 15.5 mpg, to  around 13mpg... This started me onn'a long journey to get the mileage back. first replacing the IAC, then cleaning the EGR , IAC, replacing both EGR sensors, replacing two coolant temp sensors , upstream 02 sensors, sparkplugs and wires .Driven by increasing gas prices I rooted around in the darned engine bay, replaced a few wire clips that were getting worn out, checking and rechecking fuel pressure, looking for codes, loose wires, anything?..... All to no avail.  In early November, I hit a new low, 12.0 MPG!! Ok now heres where the zen comes in... I wracked my brains for an answer, slept on it and suddenly, "IT" hit me!! Get a can of 'that magic stuff that fixes anythng'.... Cant hurt to try? Well not exactly, as what I was thinking of was Berryman's B-12, a fuel addative designed to actually clean out your fuel system. Problem is, I am amazed the stuff can be sold to the general public, due to the toxic and poisionous nature of it. You must be really cautious to avoid fumes, and contact. Not being terribly enthusiastic about starting to glow in the dark , I handled the big can cautiously, and gingerly.
Guess what? The next tank full was 15.0 MPG, go figure. Must have been sone gummy residue slowing the cycle on those big 42 lb injectors, huh? Think of the time, money and effort I sorta wasted chasing ghosts. Oh well, a few things are in better shape than before....

Postscript .... mileage went to pot again, this time I cleaned the O2 sensors with a  propane torch.. , Mileage back again... ;)

J dot Miller:
If it happens again new front O2's and a tune may do the trick?  :-\

Tune hasnt/doesnt need a change... its all in the O2  sensors!!


--- Quote from: :jake: on December 17, 2006, 10:51:24 AM ---Tune hasnt/doesnt need a change... irs all in the O2  sensors!!

--- End quote ---
When they tune a chip there setting limits or paramiters why would that change. It shouldn't unless you used a different O2 sensor with different out puts.


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