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--- Quote from: kingfish2004 on November 25, 2008, 12:32:19 AM ---Ok so what is so good about a Ford dealer O2 vs. a Bosch O2?  I have been using Bosch in my cars for years. 
I ask as I need to replace my two front sensors very soon.

--- End quote ---
I was told that the tolerance range was closer in the OEM than the Bosch. I all so had better luck with the OEM.

J dot Miller:
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Most Ford O2 sensors have a thermally conditioned tip and stainless steel ceramic shield to increase service life.  They have dual internal seals to prevent internal leaks and contamination.  The stainless steel hex shell and sleeve in many of the Ford O2 sensors improve performance in high temperature applications.

Still every now and then you can have a problem with even Ford O2's.  Keep your receipts just in case.

OEM  parts are almost always better than aftermarket. i do believe that ford contracts another company to make thier 02 sensors, but i have used bosch brand and have had them go bad on me pretty quick. since then i only use ford.


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