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J dot Miller:
This club is FREE.  This forum software is FREE.  What keeps this site going is hard work.  There are some people who think if they buy software their forum will run better.  That is not 100% true.  You have to spend the time and understand the software.  Otherwise you are wasting your time...

We use free software because we do not want to collect dues.  We believe that membership in a club should be voluntary not monitory.  This club is about people and cars not collecting money.  If someone wants to participate then they can offer time not money.  If you will like to read more about this subject please log in and check out the "Mall Parking Lot" for club topics.


you can go to " you tube " and get thunderroad sang by robert michum and the boss post as :pilot: theme song  :afto2:

J dot Miller:
Why not get me a link then put it to vote?    ;)

This is a Great Site you have done a very nice job.   Thanks keep up the good work

Joe H:
Hey I gave some money to TC COUGH  you know.

That was before I knew that the site was inundated with punks and some of mods were too.

The JMOD article  and the tech articles their is the best thing about the site.
One guy the guitar guy can't really remember his screen name and some others really are very astute but ..............until they stop attacking people(and allowing it)
I won't be a part of it.

They should get a group together and come over here.

Hey if you want a donation.................it might be a a couple of weeks but I'll donate................if you need it.

If you don't need it even better  :wink:
I'm kinda broke but I don't want to see this website disappear.

When I get back on 2 feet I'll start bombarding you guys with tech. questions and you'll probably get sick of me then...............if you're not already :P

You guys are great..............and post a link ...wait I'm going to make a thread requesting something.


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