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You'r BUSTED!!!!!


J dot Miller:
Reset your page and look at the main Forum!  We now have a police with lights flashing as our new message notice!!!

 :law: :law: :law: :law: :law: :law: :law: :law: :law: :law: :law:

The  :law: I thought we had no law  :law: All kidding aside looks good :shemp: likes it your doing a good job J.:moe:.

J dot Miller:
It give people a false sense of security!!   :o


--- Quote from: J.:miller: on December 09, 2006, 10:59:01 AM ---It give people a false sense of security!!   :o

--- End quote ---
But it dose make it stand out so you no the is a new post

J dot Miller:
That was the intent.  It also has a little "cool" factor...   8)


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