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Just came back from the NJTACC Christmas Party!!!

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J dot Miller:
I am groggy and tired...  All partied out...  Visited my buds at NJTaCC.  Had a great time.

The food was great:
1) I brought Philadelphia soft pretzels, cheese and various mustards fresh from a bakery.
2) The chili dip was fantastic, even the cat loved it!
3) The eggplant parmesan was yummy!
4) The hame was perfect, :MrT: added his special glaze...
5) Swedish meatballs, pasta, lunchen meats and etc were on the menu...
6) Oh lets not forget the SC, 3.8L and thunderbird cookies.  But whats up with no V8 cookies and no COugar cookies?  :D[/li][/list]

Had a little BB gun contest and of course e :-\ Secrete Santa gift exchange...   :)

Of course the night would not have been complete without a joy ride in a 391 HP SC 5 speed!!   :djs:

Good times for all...

Awww! too bad panty kinker wasn't there? Ya could have planted a big sloppy wet kiss on him and redoubled his uncertainty about his masculinity :kisser: :drl:

Pinkey is all hot air he told :moe: from LI NY he was going to show for an event in NY and didn't make said it was raining to hard did he show for J.:moe: show no but he had allot to say about it. If he says that he is going to be somewhere or do something he should keep his word not criticize people for trying. That's my .02 on that
J.:miller: glad you had a good time and the food was good. I was at a family party the people where find but the food suck and to crowded no room to move. Chili dip and the cat what's up with that.

J dot Miller:
The cat loves chili dip.  He kept jumping up on the table.  I kept chasing him away.  I think he may have got :censor: lick or two in but I am sure they were little licks!!   :P :P  Eventually, we put some foil on top and the cat gave up!!!

J dot Miller:
Besides...  I think Don was the only one to eat from the same side as the cat...   :P

Here is a picture of the NJTACC crew!!!


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