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1987-1992 Ford Thunderbird Teves II ABS Low Pressure Pump Hose replacement


J dot Miller:
Over time the rubber hose beneath the master cylinder that links the ABS fluid reservoir to the ABS hydraulic electric pump suction will tend to degrade and leak.  People have been replacing it with transmission hose.  Problem is that transmission hose is constructed of Nitrile rubber which is not compatible with brake fluid.  The best hose material is EPDM.

Now that we know what material we need we need to determine the required hose size.  Looking that the chart below:

Barb Size
Use With
Hose IDThru Hole
Diameter2 1/8".100".215"33/16".127".260"41/4".167".314"55/16".217".372"63/8".312".498"81/2" .400".619"
Based on the measurements of the OD of my hose barb I determined that 11/32" hose will be the best fit for the application.

I contacted Brake Hose.com and purchased Dayco # 80069.  It is a Anti-smog/PCV hose with 11/32" ID.  It is thick walled so it can take some vacuum and it is constructed of EPDM which is resistant to brake fluid.  Cost $1.63 plus $4.60 shipping for one foot.

Installation, pictures and more info to follow...  :afto2:

J dot Miller:
Time to install the hose.  I measured and cut the new hose leaving a little extra length.  With hose the bend radius is important.  If the bend is too tight and you crimp the hose it may prematurely fail.  You want a little extra room to allow the hose to naturally make the 90 degree bend.  But not so much that it will restrict the vibration movement of the hydraulic pump.

Here I remove the old hose.

New hose to the left old hose is to the right.  It may seem that the new hose has a larger ID.  Remember the old hose has aged and has lost part of it's shape.  Do not worry...  Please remember to put a litle brake fluid on the new hose so it easily slips on.

Here I install one end of the new hose.

Removal of the pump side os the hose is tricky.  You want to be careful here since the black fitting is not tightly held in.  I slit the old hose just enough to put a slit in the braid but not enough to go all the way through and cut the large end of the black plastic hose barb fitting.

Here is the opposite end of the old hose on the left vs the new hose on the right.  The new hose is nice and thick and having a thick wall is what you want for vacuum service.

Here is the new hose installed.

Notice the slack.  The hose goes a little away from the motor before going in to the motor.  As noted above this will insure a long life.

All done in less than three minutes.   :afto2:


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