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Author Topic: New Forum Software is coming.  (Read 577 times)

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New Forum Software is coming.
« on: April 06, 2008, 11:34:24 AM »
I have been busy working on a theme for SMF 2.0. It is a total re-write of the old forum software so it should take me a few weeks to get it all together.  Here is some info

Quote from: SMF Forum date=1205810084
Some of the new user features include:

  • WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) post form - What does this mean? Most people are familiar with word processing applications such as Microsoft Word. This is similar to that, when you format text you get to see the text actually change in the post form.
  • Personal Message Rules - Think of this sort of like an email filter system. When an incoming personal message sent to you meets a specific criteria that you set, you can either apply a label to the personal message or delete it altogether. So for instance if you wanted you could have any personal message sent by a member in the group "Administrator" with somewhere in the subject the text "[Important]" to be applied a special label.
  • More Personal Message Display Options - In previous versions of SMF you could only view personal messages in an anchor like system where a list with the subjects of the personal messages would appear at the top and then clicking on one of the subjects would anchor you down the page to the corresponding personal message on that same page. All personal messages would appear on the same page. This option still exists, but now you can view personal messages one at a time, as well as in a conversation format, where replies made to a personal messages can be shown together.
  • Custom Profile Fields - This sort of ties in between being an admin enhancement and a user enhancement. The admin can create custom profile fields that the user can fill out. This allows users to give out additional information about what type of person they are.
  • Calendar Visual Improvements - The forum calendar now shows mini-calendars on the side of the main calendar for the month you are viewing. In total 3 miniature calendars are shown. One for the current month you are viewing, one for the month before that month, and one for the month after.
  • Viewing a member's posts, topics and attachments - In previous versions of SMF you could only view a list of all the posts a member has made. SMF 2 takes this a step further, allowing you to view a list of the topics started by the member (not the replies made to topics), as well as a list of attachments the member has added to their posts. All of these lists can be viewed by going to a member's profile.
  • Configure how many posts to show per page - What used to be a global forum wide admin setting can now be individually configured by the user. The user can select in their Look and Layout section of their profile from a list of numbers for how many posts to show per page inside a topic as well as a separate setting for how many posts to show per page when viewing the listing of topics made inside a board. As a side note, I personally made a mod that did essentially the same thing for 1.1 which I am very pleased to not have to update for 2.0.
  • Notification digest - Previously you could only get notified of replies to topics you subscribed to either; instantly, that is, immediately as the reply was made, or instantly but only for the first reply made. SMF 2.0 adds two new options into the mix, which are getting notified of all topics you are subscribed to in a daily manner, as well as an option to only be notified weekly instead.

As for administrator features that were added, there are just so many. I will mainly mention some of my personal favorites:

  • Admin Settings Search - There is now a search field for searching for admin settings. This expands to also being able to search the documents on the Online Manual.
  • Custom Profile Fields - As mentioned above. It is possible to have the fields show up on registration, inside of topics next to the member's posts. Each individual field can be shown only to admins if desired.
  • Moderation Center/Post Approval/Warning System - You can now setup certain boards to be post moderated; that is, members have to wait for a moderator to approve their post before the general public can actually see the post. This is accompanied nicely with a moderation center, which will show the posts awaiting approval. Members can also now be warned. Depended on their warning level they may be just added to a watchlist, or may be post moderated for all their posts, or even post banned. The warning system can be configured so a certain number of warning points for a member decreases each day to a point where they would eventually return to a normal member state automatically. This can however be set to be done completely manually if desired. The moderation center will also show a list of these warned members as well as show information such as the warning message sent to the member (if one was sent). Additionally the moderation center will show reported posts, the moderation log (previously only available in the admin center), and group requests (explained next).
  • Joinable Groups - Admins can now setup groups that members can join by one of the following methods; the member is able to join the group automatically, or the member can request to be in the group, or the group is not requestable but a member selected as the moderator of the group is able to add members to it.
  • Scheduled Tasks/Mail Queue - Certain tasks for the backend of your forum can now be configured to occur during scheduled parts of the day. There is also a mail queue to help soften the server strain for forums with many members that want to email their members.
  • Permission Profiles/Group Inheritance - This one is not that easy to explain quickly. Basically each forum has a permission profile selected for it to use. A permission profile is a profile created of permissions for each membergroup of your forum. This greatly simplifies the permission process by making it much easier to assign common permissions sets (profiles) to multiple boards that can share the same permissions. Basically before "Global" was pretty much the only permission set you could assign to multiple boards. To accompany this, you can now have a group's permissions completely inherited from another group.

I am incorporating all the features I programmed in this site to the new Forum.  I will make some cosmetic changes but the user interface: hovers, buttons, linktree, menus and etc will all be there.

So if there is something you will like to see or needs improvement please let me know.
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