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Valentine One Radar detector


Well, I broke down a while ago, bought the valentine One... pricy sucker, but Ooooh Sooo Good!!! The pics in the magazines do not do it justice.... It looks clubby , big, awkward, but is a great design that doesnt translate into photos verry well, go figure. I bought it to replace a Cincinnati Micro Wave Escort. I have noticed a steady decline in the Escort's quality and a cheaper more money grubbing tendency in their practices :-X :-\ >:(. Well, let me tell you, the Valentine in no way resembles Cincinnati Microwave's quality, or operating parameters.A magnesium case instead of cheap plastic :censor:, several mounting choices that really work!..The sensitivity so exceeds the Escorts that its just amazing. The Ka band is probably detected at least a half mile farther than the Escort can reach.I would say about a mile more detection on K band, and beyond line of sight on the X band and truly over the hill, though I don't understand how it does it , and I do know my Radar! The thing is, you need to get comfortable with it as the Valentine gives you more than ample warning. The arrows seem hokey at first, but really help locate a radar threat, just takes getting used to.
Am I driving faster with it? maybe a little, maybe a mile or so per hour more, (but sometimes I drive a bit slower to let someone else get the ticket ::) ) It also has made me a tad less tense, and a bit more leisurely in reacting to warnings, as there seems to be so much more time in my little world now.


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